What You Can Do To Help Dreamers

It’s possible that we could get a breakthrough in Congress, especially as we approach the arbitrary March 5 deadline, when the number of DACA recipients losing their protections will skyrocket from 122 to 1,200 a day. If that happens, Indivisible groups need to be ready to pressure their Members of Congress to make sure we get a DACA fix that is consistent with our values and that doesn’t require Dreamers to sacrifice their parents in the process. Here are three things you can be doing in the meantime:

  1. Demand a “clean” Dream Act. In your conversations with your Members of Congress, demand that they only pass a clean Dream Act, meaning a bill that provides relief for Dreamers but that does not include the harmful enforcement provisions that Trump wants. Don’t let your Members sell out immigrants in a bad immigration deal.

  1. Be an immigrant ally locally. No matter what happens in Congress, immigrant communities need our support. There are things that you can do locally to show up for immigrants who continue to be terrorized by this White House. Check out our toolkit for more information.

Keep fighting the rest of Trump’s agenda. Dreamers, immigrants, Muslims, people of color, LGBTQ, and women will only be safe when we have taken back power in Congress and in the White House. Each time Republicans notch another win, it increases their chances of keeping power. That’s among the reasons why we need to make sure we stop all of the remaining GOP legislative priorities. The next big fight will be over infrastructure—check out our resources to learn more about what you can do to stop it.


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