Strengthen Democracy

Submitted by lbeaumont on Thu, 04/20/2017 - 10:48

Members of the Strengthen Democracy committee understand that: Informed Citizens Are the Foundation of a Strong Democracy.

Candidate Goals include:

  • Increase Voter Participation (Delegate to voting committee)
  • Increase Voter Knowledge
  • Increase Voter representation
  • Increase Government Transparency
    • Free speech, vibrant press
    • Independent investigations
  • Reduce Special Interest Influence
    • Visibility of Money in Politics
    • Visibility of conflicts of interest
    • Separation of Church and State. Johnson Amendment
  • Value Reality. Increase Factual Reporting; Insist on facts, not alternative facts, call out bullshit
  • Elect a Democratic NJ Governor
  • Remove Trump from Office
  • Win back the Senate and the House
  • Dump Chris Smith

Current Projects:

Persuade News Media to Ask for Special Prosecutor Investigation of Trump-Russian Ties

  • Begin with a focus on the Asbury Park Press,
  • Drip or Blitz letters to the APP,
  • Create Talking Points and Sample letters.
  • Share with this group, Bayshore Group, and other Indivisible groups.
  • Expand to include more news media and more advocates.
  • Request Indivisible Bayshore members continue this task
  • Encourage news media to hold news media accountable for facts.

Practice the Power of Dialogue

  • Study the course on Practicing Dialogue.
  • Follow Intelligence Squared US Debates.
  • Practice dialogue during personal encounters with moderate Trump supporters.
  • Shift Sunday Morning Programs toward a dialogue format.
  • Create a Dialogue Event engaging a thoughtful Trump Supporter
    • Topic is “Will Releasing his taxes benefit Americans?”
    • Record video, post to youtube, link to Indivisible sites…

Connect with other Indivisible Groups

  • Establish working connections with other Indivisible groups, locally and nationally.