You can help out with the several projects that are currently underway.

Dump Trump via Russian Connections

In part as a result of the letters you have written, Robert Mueller has been appointed as special counsel to investigate the Russian interference in the 2016 elections. We now need to monitor this investigating as it unfolds to ensure it is thorough and objective

Thanks for your on-going help.

Yard Sign Campaign

Update: The Waves image won! The communications committee can now proceed with the logistics of pricing/printing/ordering lawn signs:) Will be in touch soon with estimated pricing info. for pre-ordering a lawn sign:) Thanks for everyone's input...and patience:)

The campaign to create a yard sign was undertaken to: 1. increase the visibility of our group (and invite community members to learn about us), 2. make a statement that we all can get behind, AND 3. to show that there is a local politically-progressive presence (to counter the too-many Trump signs in our towns).  The Communications and Technology Committee presented its new ideas for a Lawn Sign at the 5/18/2017 meeting. Taking comments, questions and votes, members agreed on an image (though tweaks will continue to be made).  Stay tuned for this image to be posted on the website and to learn how you might buy a lawn sign (or even a car magnet or t-shirt).